The DLC - Deutschlandsberger Lifestyle Club


The purpose of the DLC

The DLC association, whose activities are not profit-oriented, primarily focuses on promoting recreational activities related to music (and other forms of art and expression), sports, as well as educational offerings in these areas. The aim is to create a 'cultural' or 'lifestyle' scene where the meaningful design and utilization of resources are central. Diverse events are intended to be understood as places, or rather, as events of encounter, irrespective of age, background, or interests, where communal and, above all, purposeful activities take precedence.

The board

Wolf Rauch


Marcel Rauch

Vice Chairperson

Markus Rauch


Mark Prieth


Alex Menzel


Annual Report 2022

That was the year 2022 from the perspective of the DLC - Deutschlandsberg Lifestyle Club.

The partners and sponsors of the DLC

We would like to thank our sponsors, as without them, many things wouldn't be possible.

The DLC on Instagram

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